App Crashing in following conditions how to fix

I have made an app that works on sending and getting data from spreadsheet its like a math matics app but when i click the calculate button without any input in text box than my app crashes.


how to fix this please help me…

Attach blocks screenshot too

Yes i attached blocks images also please check it out

hello sir kya karna hey ye error fix karne k liye please bataye

Set principle InputType to number in properties.

yes sir i have done already maine first sehi karke rakha hey

didin’t helped though :sob: sir please help me out

@Technical_Land problem must be here

can you tell me what are you trying to do let me help you it’s saying that it can’t compare empty string with a number so use pink block this one or you have to set input as number

check garana ek choti

Maine set karke rakha hai only numbers wo compare Numbers ka hey…

Please use english and also try using pink block instead of blue block

I mean i have already seted to only Numbers and i am not using pink one because the input is number not string value…

Why don’t you try it ? Instead of answering ??

Ok no problem​:pray: @im_neodeveloper

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