Anyone Can Help Me Plz how to create this type button


How to make this type buttom pls help.

Use a horizontal arrangement set arragement’s background color to red add three button in it and use corner radius extension for setting radius of button

Here you go…

Designer :

Blocks :

Final look :

The aia file is here :
Custom_Bottom_Navigation.aia (3.2 KB)

As @Faraz_Firoz said, you can set the corner radius using the corner radius extension.

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Nice @Khalidinfotech :+1::+1:

You can use material toggle button, easy to use


@HIDDEN_Devloper Tried something different and i have done every thing to make it just like the picture you have shown here is a video please see it i am also attaching aia with the link of extension i used



Final Look:



:file_folder:Bottom Buttom.aia (14.8 KB)

Link of extension :-


Wow @iaditya_nanda you are incredible

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Lemme make it for you… will be back with the design soon…

Here are the simple steps.

1 - drag an card view and set it’s paddings to 0 and set corner radius to 15.
2 - drag an horizontal arrangement inside card view and make it fill parent.
3 - now drag 3 vertical arrangments and set them fill parent and set them center-center.
4 - Finally drag labels on those vertical arrangments and name them.


Edit .

You can also use more card view instead of vertical arrangments to make them rounded.

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