All the data worked fine, but why does an error like this appear?

This is my block

@Roland_Candra Well getting straight to the point, a possible solution would be to add this conditional block:

Here the explanation:

As I understand it, the Firebase_Database1.GotValue function is called 6 times, once for each id, and then each time it’s called each value is added to the global List. That is correct, however, the error occurs because the first time the GotValue function is called it’s not yet known what the other values ​​it will obtain later are, so index 6 still doesn’t exist (neither 5 nor 4 nor 3 nor 2). The solution I mention is to add a conditional block so that the values ​​are only assigned one time after they have all been getted.

its working, thank you

by the way, i encountered a new problem, the data was empty when picking from the Screen Initialize to set label text from variable list

Can you help me again please​:pray:

@Roland_Candra I think what is happening is that the for each id from 1 to 6 statement is executed before the data is taken from the firebase. That used to happen to me, try putting that for statement in GotValue

Done, thanks