All my projects are gone today

I was still working on various projects today and have now reloaded the builder.
There is no longer any project. :upside_down_face:

I had about 40 projects.

Your projects seems fine. Can you please try refreshing and/or logging in again

I did it several times (no changes).
I reimported one project again (PME.aia).

Of course, I had backed up all the important projects.

This is strange. I can see all the projects. Is it the same email you are using in community ?

Of course!

I have been working on 4 projects today and built APKs of all of them.

I’ve also tried Firefox now (previously Chrome) and the projects are back.

… and again with Chrome … only 2 projects. :upside_down_face:

I had previously always used Chrome when working on Niotron projects.

Try Clearing the Cache in Chrome. Also Try Incognito window in chrome as well to see if it really is a browser issue.

It happened to me as well. I cleared the website’s cookies, logged out, cleared the cookies again, logged back in, and all of my projects were restored.

Chromium browsers (Chrome and Edge) often have problems with niotron although they are harmless!

In edge usually happens that the builder startup is looped, most of the problems with clearing cache + cookies and history, are solved.

I’ve been working with Niotron for several months and have gone through the process of clearing cache and history hundreds of times (always only using Chrome). However, I never had to do this on the same day. So the problem is definitely new and happened for the first time today, for whatever reason.

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