Ads not showing in app

I have an ad manager account and I put app & also I created adunit but still ads not showing in app and not any response from team niotron

test ads are showing, cant say about real ads, mine also not showing nor impression is count.

My also not showing not any guide posts available in community & also niotron team can’t telling any thing

If test ads are showing, the component is fine.

Contact google ad manager and tell them the issue.

@safkolachi Is your app on playstore ? if yes then there is some problem and if not then upload your app to playstore and ads will come

I need to ask something,
My app is in extended review on Facebook audience,
Did you have any app which is on extended review,
Did Facebook ads shows on app which is on extended review,
I am using iron source
No add request is showing
Nothing is showing from facebook network
I have no idea what is happening :sob::sob:

this is not ad manager account becuase my ad manager ads showing on website without any issue

in extended review but at my knowladge ads showing

my app is available on play store so its issue from niotron side

@safkolachi Tell me that test ads are loading or not?
if yes test ads are loading then as said by @Krish in Post 4 the ads components are fine and perfectly working and if test ads are not loading then there can be following causes :-

  • The Block are Wrong.

  • The Ads Account (Admob,Ad Manger,Facebook Audience Network, Etc) is not approved.

  • The Test ad id is not correct.

  • The Componet is Faulty.

Please Check the following points and post your reply.

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Helpful_Videos You can easily contack facebook support team they alys reply in an hour. please contact them they will tell u the issue.

I already did about three weeks ago
No response from facebook team​:sob::sob:
Did you have any app which got Extended Review?

No, update ur app may be it will solve.

Ok I will try that and update this message

How you resolved the extended review issue? My fb ads are also not showing wit ironsource mediation