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Guys, how can I delay the appearance of the next page so that it harms the interstitial or the non-appearance of the next page so that it harms the interstitial

Can you elaborate more @achraf_sguiri ? Do you want to display the screen contents to the user only when the ad has been loaded and is being shown to the user?

The problem that I suffer from, my friend, is when I press the button in order for the interstitial ad to appear, it is transferred to the next page, the ad does not appear, I just go to the next page, but the truth is, the ad appears already when I return to the first description

The problem is that you are calling two events at the same time that are open another screen and show interstitial. What you should do is When the Button is clicked, call Admob_Interstitial.LoadAd and then when Admob_Interstitial.AdClosed, open another screen. What will happen is that when the Button is clicked, the interstitial will be displayed to the user and when the user closes that interstitial, then only he will be redirected to the other screen. You can also add when Admob_Interstitial.AdFailedToDisplay, open another screen so that even if the Ad fails to load, the user is redirected to the other screen. If this helps, please mark it as the solution.

If you are using Admob ads, then update your app as soon as possible or Admob will get to know that impressions are counted, but the ad is not displayed to the user because of which they will put an Ad limit on your account or they will reduce your fill rate.

Thank you my friend no I am using mopub to biding with fan

Did you try it? Does this solve your problem?

No, I did not find the solution. Can you show me the blocks that you advised me here in order to implement them? I want the next page not to appear so that the interstitial ad hurts after pressing the button

What do you mean by ‘Hurts’?
What you are doing right now is you are calling Mopub interstitial when Button is clicked and at the same time you are also opening another screen so the Ad is being shown in the background. This is not the right implementation. Here are the blocks :

Inside the above block, place only the following block :

Inside all the above three blocks, place the open another screen block.

What will happen is after the ad has been closed, clicked or the ad has failed, then only the other screen will open. Also, you will have to remove Call Mopub_Interstitial1.ShowAd block from the screen initiliaze block for the above blocks to work perfectly. Becuase whenever the inteerstitial1 is closed, it will open another screen. So you will have to remove the ShowAd block from the screen initialize. If you want to show the interstitial when screen initializes, then you will have to add a new Mopub Interstitial that is Mopub_Interstitial2 to your components and show the Interstitial2 when screen initilizes. If you have any doubt, then feel free to ask me.

This is the correct implementation. :+1:t2:

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Thank you my friend, thank you very much

Please mark my post as the solution if it has helped you.

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