Admob Native Ads and may be others are not working properly

In Nitoron there are not working properly Native Ads from Admob or others Network

Really ? Show what is not proper

Yes I am also facing this isuue…medium reactangale ads also not showing

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If it’s working with test ads, it’s fine.

When my app open if load native ad then automatically app close with runtime error or other error.
And it happening with test mode and real ads both situation .

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I think you haven’t given hex code in load ads block but instead some other value, put color hex values in LoadAd block

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Show relevant blocks what have you done and if possible can you share aia ?

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My Native Ads Problem Solved ( I am sorry for my statement ) Because I using direct colors not hex code when I used hex code then problem solved and native ads showing in all networks … But I have 2 problems other ( 1st is downloader component not working or I making mistake again so solve this problem or give right method ) and ( 2nd problem is I want to use native ads in my dynamic video status app after 4-5 videos. So please tell me this problems solution. )

Did you get your solution of 2nd problem, if yes then tell me also


please reduce the size, As it cover all the space. 200 height is ok.
You said you will fix that, but.

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Yes we can set native ad between 4 - 5 item… in dynamic way … but it can make our app very very slow … so I am not using in any app … but it will be fast with recycler view …

It is very hard work … so i am not working on it … if anyone want this type project and can pay something for this then I can make this type app for them …

Are you trying to say we can reduce the height ???
issue is with small size, try it

Ads consent check box not available native ads placement, like banner or interstitial ads.