Admob Ads Problem!

Hi Team! I Am Harsh Today I Purchased The Monetization Feature And Started Working On a Thumbnail Downloader Application. Now I Am Done With The App And I Added Only One Admob Reward Ad To Give Access To The User. I Checked In The Companion It Was Working Great Added The App Id Done Everything Correctly But When I Install The App No Ads Are Showing I Am Facing This Problem Since 6 PM Today And It’s 9 PM Now Still I Can’t Figure Out What Is Wrong I Have Literally Done Everything Correctly Added The Mobile Ads Watched Tutorials Done Everything But When I Install The App No Ads It Only Shows The Notifier Which I Added When Ad Failed To Load! I Removed The Button, Changed The Blocks Used Every Admob Block But Nothing Is Working For Me! Please Help! Much Love Team Niotron And You Guys! Please Help! Thanks

Is it solved yet? If not, please share a picture of the blocks that you have used…

Sorry, Bro! But I Got Frustrated And I Deleted That App! And Started Working Again From Scratch!
This Time I Have Used Unity Ads And They Are Working Great In The Companion As Well As When I Install My App! But I Want To Use Admob Please Help Me And If You Find The Solution Of That Problem Please Reply! Thanks!

i am facing the same problem :sob: :sob: :sob:

i don’t know but i guess some one on this post has a solution