Ad fraud error in Play Store

Hello my app rejected and they gave reson because of ad fraud
So I need help what to do now and what is ad fraud i read article but i didn’t understand so i came here to asking help what I have to

Your application has violated Ad Fraud policy. Just check out

Ad Fraud - Play Console Help

Actually in my app Having 4 screen and in 2 screen having ads components and mobile ads components (sdk) and
In first screen having one time ads like if user will come first time in app then ads will show after that it won’t show till he is in app if he closed app then again he will come then that automatic one time ads will visible

And in next screen having ads to bt it will visible only after every 5 clicks of button

So my question is … I am using 2sdk components so i am getting problems because of this or because of one time ads viable

If u notice problem
Issue details

We found an issue in the following area(s):


So i am confuse what it mean

In my other apps to having automatically ads and every 4 time but they both having only in one screen i mean one sdk in that app

Please attach your apk file here with test ads. That can help us to find problems with ads in your application.

first of all, don’t do this. it proves that your app is made only for showing ads (*as per google policy)

just because of this problem, you got rejection.

read this carefully -

Ad interactions generated for the purpose of tricking an ad network into believing traffic is from authentic user interest is ad fraud

you’re generating invalid traffic by showing ads so much!