Action requested: Declare your Ad ID permission

Is it possible Niotron to update to the latest SDK of the Ad Networks, so we can comply with the Google new advertising policy ?

UnityAds already released a new SDK [Unity Ads 4.0.1] around 19 days ago and according to their technical team, to address this, Niotron has to update it.

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Google Play does not yet target Android 13. Devs will be able to target Android 13 later this year. Till then, sit back and relax.

When your app targets Android 13, follow below mothods to comply with this policy:

METHOD 1 (Manual): Add the required permission in Manifest.

<uses-permission android:name=""/>

METHOD 2 (Auto): If your app uses the Google Mobile Ads SDK(Admob ) version 20.4.0 or higher, you can skip setting up the permission manually since the SDK automatically declares it.

Hope it helps.

Hello When my app targets Android 12
Then which method will be apply

Please suggest

Hi @joy_gamer, For Android 12, there is no action to take! This policy will only take affect on apps targeting Android 13.