AccelerateDecelerate Animation

About Extension :
A non-visible component for animation Which creates animation using Accelerate-Decelerate animation interpolator.

Extension Blocks
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These properties control where the View is located as a delta from its left and top coordinates which are set by its layout container.

These properties control the rotation in 2D ( rotation property) and 3D around the pivot point.

These properties control the 2D scaling of a View around its pivot point.

These properties control the location of the pivot point, around which the rotation and scaling transforms occur. By default, the pivot point is located at the center of the object.

Represents the alpha transparency on the View. This value is 1 (opaque) by default, with a value of 0 representing full transparency (not visible).

:arrow_down: Download Extension(Version:- 1) :
com.AccelerateDecelerateAnimation.aix (6.6 KB)


Great extension @Parva

Keep it up.

Please add a video or gif file to show how it works. It will help users to understand.

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Dear @Souvik Please Add This Function As A Component in Builder.


If its available as a free Extension then why do you need its Component​:roll_eyes:?

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Bro Extension Means External Component
User Have To Upload In Builder So My Suggestion Is Make As A Component In Builder.
It’s A Useful Function. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think Krish is right because there are so many interpolator in android and we need only few at a same time (i mean for particular animation) if these component are as extension so we can use this any time and app size is not ingress.

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