About the Extensions category


Extensions are one of the best developments to land on the Niotron builder platform because they allow users to add additional functionality to their apps beyond what is already built-in or provided by the builder. Please use the category for sharing the coolest extensions you’ve found, you’ve built, and all the troubleshooting in between.

Niotron IDE

We recently released Extension IDE (Integrated Development Environment), which can be used to create extensions for the apps as per requirement. Many template and android libraries are available by default and also some features like a custom library make development easy. This allows more experienced users to introduce coding into their Apps thus making the transition from No Code to Basic Coding easy.


Please follow these 4 guidelines before sharing ( Creating a post ) your extension in our community.

  • The post must contain the blocks screenshot of your extension and it must be taken on Niotron Builder.
  • You must test your extension on our builder ( in companion and APK both ) before creating a post in the community.
  • Share the direct downloading link of the extension. ( Skip this if the extension is PAID )
  • Include a test/demo AIA file so others can give it a try and know how to use it. ( Skip this if the extension is PAID )

Note that, if the community post of the extension will not follow these guidelines it’ll either get unlisted till you updated it according to guidelines.