About monetize

Do I currently have to pay Rs.200 to build an apk from niotron?

Is it valid for only one app or when there are several projects in the account, should I pay for all of them?

You can have unlimited Projects

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Only if you are using monetization components. Else you can create your apps for free

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Do I have to pay that Rs.200 once a month?

Your currenty it’s ₹200 Only that you have to pay each month

If I create one app in month after montization you remove ads from live app ?

I think no. If you want to build another version in your app(example new update) , you need to pay currently month payment.
Am I correct Admin

No… we never restrict any app from displaying Ads or take any commission from that, even if your monthly subscription ended. But when you have to update your app, you have to get the subscription again


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