About ad fraud policy

My app got rejected four times because of ad fraud policy. :sob::sob:

Please help me :sob::pray:

Please check my apk​:point_down::point_down:

MultiView.apk (9.9 MB)

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No need to send apk :neutral_face::neutral_face:
You should share the details like which ad component you are using, aia or blocks images

please check my block

sorry to say but what are you delivering? app or ads?

As far as i can see, you are loading multiple ads on every action takes in your app and that leads to ad fraud policy violation.

Add ads in app not app in ads. Use only one or two ads and display them in a way that doesn’t bother the user.

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@Yashk12 is 100% right more ads and misleading the user to click the add gives the ad fraud warning
People think more ad more money but more ad = no money


Along with app rejection

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