A Guide to setup server for Socket.Io Component

So, as all of you know the great and fastly developing :niotron: iotron builder recently came with socket.io component. So, this is a guide for the nodejs server setup for the component.

Step 1 ,

You simply need two files that are server.js and package.json.
Download them from the link



Step 2

Make a new repository in your github account and upload these server.js and package.json files or simply fork this github repository :

Step 3

We need to host our socket.io nodejs server so, we need a hosting server. Here I choose railway.app because it has no limitations and free hosting with good uptime

Make an account at railway.app and then make a new project. (Note: Use github for signing up as we will deploy the server from our github repo) Then, select deploy from repo option and choose the repository.

Ka Boom ! your server will be live after deployment and obtain the url

Second option

I know the guide may have been hard for beginners so, just click on the below button and deploy your server

Deploy to railway

Github Repo

You can fork and add pull requests to improve ,

Special Thanks to

Special thanks to Tanishraj Sir for the code and idea to make a guide

Anshuman Mishra


Special thanks to Tanish Raj Sir for the code and idea to make this guide :upside_down_face:

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i dint understand, need a video guide.

i need socket io in hosting

Can anyone provide an AIA file showing how to use socket io blocks, please

Why any body show off socket io blocks usage example? I haven’t found a single example aia searching all communities.
Please, can someone help?
I have deployed the server in Render, don´t know how to use blocks.

I keep trying but can´t got over this response.

This are my blocks

What am I doing wrong??

Are you not getting any response? Or are you getting any error logs?

With those blocks no answer at all…

Only the server log showing that a new user conected as depicted above.

I deployed it on Render.com