#1 Weekly App Dev Niotron Challenge

:question: Question And Answer

1. What is Weekly App Dev Niotron Challenge

Answer: Weekly Dev Challenge is an Event In which a small UI/UX app is developed . This Event is held twice a week in a month but due to more than half of the month is over So this month only one will be held

2. What will be held in this 2 Weeks

Answer: First in first week There Will be UI Event on second week Programing knowledge

3. What is the the topic

Answer: First week there is no topic but on second week there will be a poll in which There will question in various computer languages

5. Where it should be done

Answer: Niotron And Other AI2 Based Builders

5. What are the prizes

Answer: Self satisfaction and user Appreciation and Showcase at my website funlrn.in (WADNC.funlrn.in)

6. What is the Uploading Format

Answer: No need of aia only apk is needed in both with images

7. Where should we upload

Answer: Just make reply in this post

:exclamation: Rules and Regulations

  • No Paid Extension Can be used
  • No copyrighted Material Can be used
  • No pirating or copy of other apps
  • No Readily Made App can be accepted
  • Help Can be taken from Google

Niotron and Niotron Logos are Trademark of Niotron.
Google and Google Logos are Trademark if Google Inc.

~Funlrn Devloper aka shreyansh sahoo

:speech_balloon: Logs

~ This Event Has been Started [20:32 Saturday 21st Augest]
Duration 7 days


Yeah, It Is A Perfect For Everyone Because There is No Need To Share Aia File With Other

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Event Has been Started Users can Think their ideas

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A small Poll For this challenge

Will our app be made open source?

He told that no need of aia

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There’s an Edit Due to Ai2 Policy

7. Where should we upload ?

Answer: Once your app is ready, There will be a form in my website (which is currently down, but will be up in 2 -3 days ) This link will be uploaded here and there you can upload your APK files.

In your form what things we need to fill?

Nothing Much

Not the Poll Form
The App Submission is the one I asked.

Not Ready Will Post on Friday or tomorrow

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Dear Friends The submission has been started

Upload here :- https://s.funlrn.in/WADC

See I have Given The Link For Submission


As Per Less Submmision or no submission So it is extended till this wednesday

The 2nd part of it will be held at this Thursday WADC 1.5

The dates Have Been Extended Due to Zero Submission


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Time Has Been Decreased to To This Monday


As I am Going Held the WADC 1.5

Event Has been ended Sorry for Late announcement

WADC 1.5 Will be held soon

Shreyansh Sahoo

WADC 1.5

The topic is to make multiplication table app using dynamic component

No need of much ui changes just basic ui is needed