xTinyDB | The Open Source TinyWebDB Alternative

The xTinyDB is an experimental database service that communicates with a Web service to store and retrieve information. This micro document-based no-SQL database is inspired by the TinyWebDB component of MIT Appinventor. I have made many changes to CRUD data easily with a little bit of security and more features.


  • :zap: Multiple values associated with the tags can be stored/updated in a bucket at a time.
  • :zap: Can call the entire bucket which returns a list of Tags, Values of those tags, and Sub Buckets.
  • :zap: One or more required tags can be called from a particular bucket at a time.
  • :zap: One or more tags can be removed/cleared from the bucket.
  • :zap: Entire bucket can be removed/cleared from the server



I have made an extension to CRUD data easily to/from the server. Click here to see all available blocks with input and return types.


I have even added header authentication with the basic token. This makes it a bit more secure, As the data can’t get accessed by a normal HTTP/HTTPS request.

Visit my GitHub repo to know more about it.

Visit my website to know How to use this on the Niotron builder


Another epic stuff by @tanishraj Sir :slight_smile: :heart_eyes:


Awesome work :heart_eyes: @tanishraj

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Awesome work @tanishraj

Fun fact - I have seen xTinyDB before your topic :smirk::joy:

Really Nice Project :+1: :+1: :+1:

But I have one question would this xTinyDB have option for Set Permission for Read, Write and Authenticate Requests in xTinyDB Database Dashboard.

Currently we don’t have this feature. but i’ll add this soon. :smiley:
For now you can use die(); in storeValue.php, clearValue.php if you want to disable Write Permission, and in getValue.php if you want to disable Read Permission

Op sir apki tarif me kya kahe app niotron ki jaan ban gaye​:fire::fire::fire: @tanishraj

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Great work, it’s really awesome.

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@tanishraj great work my request to add on Data Changed block

Watch this, if you are willing to have your own DIY real-time database :sweat_smile:

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