Why build Fiuld?

show the extensions you used

thanks for trying to help, here is all extension

The problem is the ColinTreeListView extensions with it won’t compile and package the apk, those extensions don’t work with Niotron.

Pd: Also try to keep the extensions in their latest versions offered by the developers. Also if you create a screen and leave it empty without adding any component, it doesn’t package the apk or the project, I guess this is a Niotron bug.

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bro, i deleted ColinTreeListView extensions
but not work,
please help

instead of those two scroll handler extension use this one -

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i found problem,
problem with lotte and json
when I deleted lotte
than problem solved,
why I cannot use lotte?

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I have checked what I mentioned, and it is true it doesn’t pack the project if you use Lottie Animation, not if it is because the SDK that niotron is using is 3.5.0 and there is a new version of 3.7.0 (I hope you can check the problem).

Example #1:


Example #2:

Pd: Always the same error when packaging the project, always the same error when packaging the project, but if you remove the plugin everything works normally.

Yes, I checked it, but the ColinTreeListView extension generates problems in niotron, so I advise you not to use it.