What I am doing wrong in Async Task

What is wrong here. That it is showing runtime error. please help[


The blocks you shown are mostly wrong, they don’t mean anything

  1. Async Tasks blocks are wrong
  2. Even if you correct async task it will still not work because you cannot do UI operations Asynchronously, don’t call async procedure for showing a dialog.
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@KrishJha If I do background operation then will it work. (I was showing a dialog for testing purposes)

Can you tell what do you want to do using asynchronous ??

Sure, I want to load data from google spreadsheet with this.

Then use Spreadsheet component or CSV method with the Web component

@fahim_shahoriar You should use the Spreadsheet Extension

Thank you for your kind information. I already know that. My question is that “How do I use spreadsheet with AsycnTask?”
note: I had tried in many ways It was given runtime error that you can see at the top of the conversion. (In the picture I used dialog for testing purposes)

Hoping to get help. Thank you