View pager remove page problem!

view pagerview pager.aia (330.0 KB)

component remove page problem !

Its looks like ur index id or remove id is not valid kindly check again or make id for your every pages… thanks

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Sry about it but m not at home so I can’t share any blocks or aia file…but main thing is the id ur id is not created successfully that’s why the remove id block not working…if u create 3 pages than remove id looks like this id 1 = 1 page, id 2 = 2 page, id 3 = 3 page…but u set it 0 that’s why the error comes…



Though i have never used this component, this is an issue with the Button2.Click block,

Its says that the position should be an integer or a list of integer and so your input is invalid

Maybe you can try to insert the list block there with 1 child block containing the position index, might work