Video Wallpaper

Can I set video wallpaper using wallpaper component in niotron. If anyone know how to set video wallpaper. Then please help me.

Have you tried it?

Convert your video to gif. Then set wallpaper.

If you trying to create a wallpaper app. Then convert video to gif manually, upload gif file in server, download it in your app, set wallpaper.

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Bro in niotron.gif is not support. So how can I use

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Bro please help me to set gif wallpaper in home screen. Please please please

Data type = image/gif
Data type = image/*

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Bro what can I set in data url? Ex: demo.gif file or online gif link

Check it


Same problem with me.

So bro please give me any solution to set video wallpaper

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Try by converting file path to data uri

Bro I am already tried more ways to set video wallpaper but I faild. So please help me and give me block screenshot. Please please please

Bro please give any solution

How to make live/video wallpaper in niotron. Please help me

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