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V8-Engine AIX

Webp.net-resizeimagech It’s a helper extension allows you to use Google Apps Script and supporting google apps from client side. You can simply use javascript code to send emails, CRUD data on your google spreadsheet, Upload files to your google drive, Set/remove reminders on your google calander, Find Address details from of a Lat-n-Lng, Get polyline and many more. In short you can manage all your google apps supported by google app script using this extension.

It is not bounded to use with google apps only, you can even use normal javascript codes to run on server and then return the response.


Download AIX : com.cttricks.V8Engine.aix (36.4 KB)
Current Version : 1.0

Server Code

In order to use this extension you’ll have to deploy server codes, that you’ll find on my GitHub . And deploy it to create webhook/server-url. Go to scripts.google.com and create a new project. Now paste the below codes there. or you can read my blog where I have explained How you can deploy and ceate your server url step by step.

Sample JS codes

Here are some sample codes that you can run using V8 Engine AIX.

1. Convert Language
LanguageApp.translate('How are you?', '' , 'hi');

2. Send email from your own gmail account
MailApp.sendEmail(‘[email protected]’, ‘test 01’, ‘test of v8 engine extension’)

3. Get location address.
Maps.newGeocoder().reverseGeocode( ‘9.748816’, ‘118.739162’)

4. Get value from Spreadsheet
SpreadsheetApp.openByUrl( “Spreadsheet_URL” ).getSheetByName( “Sheet1” ).getRange( “A1:Z1” ).getValues();

5. Store Value on Spreadsheet
SpreadsheetApp.openByUrl( “Spreadsheet_URL” ).getSheetByName( “Sheet1” ).appendRow([“I”,”am”,”Ct tricks”]);

Note : You can also run simple javascript codes using this extension.

For reference to use google apps, you can explore apps script docs, Also hit :heart: button and if you have any query or suggestion feel free to ask me.


It’s an fabulous extension @tanishraj! :heart_eyes:

Thanks for the extension! :innocent:

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Hii, my campaign is not connecting. But, I love your platform. Your platform is working very smooth. Thanks for provide this platform.


Hello @WeMakeBest and welcome to the community.

For this you can create a new topic! :slightly_smiling_face:

You are using latest version???

Which browser you are using?

Great… brother…i will try to make a video on this … thanks for the extension…:heart::heart::fire::india:

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this is great!!! :wink: :wink:

Any @extension_developers interested in making addon is welcome to make some addons like email, Sheet, Calander etc for V8 Engine.

I’m making one Email addon for V8 Engine.
Let me know in the comment if any of you is making another… + I’ll keep the source code of Addon extensions open source on my github ( https://github.com/cttricks ) so you can use those codes too for making your own addon extension :grinning:


Webp.net-resizeimag78 V8 Email Addon Extension

A simple extension which creates JS code for sending emails from your own Gmail id using V8 Engine, this is just an example of creating addon for V8 Engine.


How to use in app!

Codes of this extension is open source so you can use that and make your own addon of V8. If you have any query feel free to ask.

Get AIX Code

Download Extension : com.cttricks.V8EmailAddon.aix (9.2 KB)


great work bro :innocent: :heart:

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Awesome work dude :love_you_gesture:

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Nice Extension :partying_face:


Will this V8 ENGINE extension completely free forever or chargeable in future?

How many records (reverse geocode) can be obtained everyday? Any limit is there?

If possible can you explain??

Its Open Source, you can modify and use it for free forever.


Free + Open Source

Here you can check the limitaitons accordig the type of your google account.


Guys, In case if extension cause any compatibility issue you can use WebComponent of builder to use your V8 Engine Server.

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