Trouble with keystore

Hi Niotron, yesterday I have uploaded a keystore from a alternate inventor Tkbl. that app working fine. but since then my other app finger print is now not matching to playstore but they are matching with that old app. I have tried all possible ways. I even tried aia from last month, it also showing same issue.

Just now I discovered all my 21 apps have exact same keystore.
Is it some kind of major issue? pls look into it.

p.s. I tried to uploaded same aia into another account there it showing new keystore.

Hi Admin pls provide me my old keystore

Keystore is common for full account

you must mention this while uploading new keystore else user will loose all his current apps

Warning is already there that it would be overwritten, and that’s how appinventor seem to do it, niotron haven’t modified anything related to uploading keystore.

can I recover it by any way?


Well, by luck you have back-up of it, check the message I sent you 22 days ago containing all projects and keystore. You can download it from there.

Everyone is suggested to always take backup of their keystore and store it in Google drive so it’s never lost even if you mistakenly deleted it.


:smiley: Thanks .
Btw how can I work with two keystores?
I have one old app which has different keystore.

Keep backup of both keystores and change them while exporting app


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I upoad kd key , i though it will effect only the single app… But what to do now.

Can you explain your question again, its not clear

I import another key from kdulr, but i dont know that if i import another key it will effect all apps/ the acount.
Now i dont have my previous key

Your Android App Bundle is signed with the wrong key. Ensure that your App Bundle is signed with the correct signing key and try again. Your App Bundle is expected to be signed with the certificate with fingerprint:

SHA1: 41:1D:6D:E2:80:9F:F4:C8:E9:30:CE:3F:EE:DF:D******

but the certificate used to sign the App Bundle you uploaded has fingerprint:

SHA1: 3C:6F:5E:56:FD:3F:02:ab:8A:C7:F5:4D:9E:DC:******

Well only option now left is to contact the google team about it. Once the keystore is deleted it cant be resotred

I have many apps in niotron, do i will have to contact for every app.

will i also get that ???

I never sent your projects to you, he had it because he once asked for all his projects. So by coincidence it was there

Is there any wat to create the same
as we have this SHA1: ****

Nope. Keystore with provided sha1 can never be created.