TextAnimation Extension

Hi I’m Release My TextAnimation Extension .

Extension Created in Niotron ide
you can create text as awesome
effects, This Extension only one block.
You Can also Control Text Animation in Touch Left to Right Swipe.
More blocks Soon Next Update.

Picture of blocks

instructions to use extension

Layout ~ layout.
text ~ String text, NOTE Multiple line Not Support.
bgColor ~ String, use hex color Example- ff0000.
reverse ~ boolean, true or fase, You can set true to text as create animate and reverse animate, Use false to reverse animation visible false.
repeat ~ int, set 1 or 0. use 1 to
animate loop and use 0 to
one time create animation.
delay ~ int, use specific time in Second. Exp - 5.
fontSize ~ int, use fontSize of your text.
textColor ~ String, use textColor of text example - ffffff.
shadow ~ int, use shadow of text default value 0,

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Saturday, May 22, 2021 6:30 PM
first Release Date
Time 4:00PM
Version 1

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Download link :point_down:

Download aix in Github TextAnimation.aix
Direct Download
TextAnimation.aix (11.7 KB)
TextAnimate.aia (12.8 KB)
TextAnimate.apk (4.5 MB)

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Wow… perfect work bro

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