Text extensions

Three simple text extensions.
1 - IndexOf. Like Starts At but allows you to enter a starting index so you can, for example, make a Find Next function for a notepad type app, like I’m planning to do. I personally think it works great with the TaifunTextbox extension.
2 - LastIndexOf. Basically an Ends At, or, if you have 5 occurrences of search term, will return the index of the 5th occurance.
3 - ReplaceFirst. For if you want to replace a term one at a time instead of the built-in replace them all at once.
TextExtDemo.aia (7.6 KB)

Double oops, for the aix (double because I forgot to the aix to my other extension). Here it is.
JBSText.aix (5.3 KB)

Thank you for your contribution
Please follow the naming conventions


Sorry about that. I’ll fix those and re-upload the extension later today.

Extensions with correct naming conventions.
JBSText.aix (5.3 KB)

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