Suggestions for niotron

Dear sir you always updating your builder version … so don’t update and work on that how you can work on bulider not responding and overloading Page… Its make me temper your old and new both versions is not work smoothly it stuck sometimes my mouse cursor not at all move and many other problems too please work on this that how you can give us smoth working builder instant of updating builder version

Tell Me:

  1. Which Browser are you using

  2. Internet Speed

  3. System Ram and Windows version

Ram issue maybe :thinking:


Try " Vivaldi " Browser… it work smooth , copy past also smooth.

  1. Chrome browser using
    2 net speed 100mbps
    3.window 10 4 Gb RAM

Sorry for late response i am still facing problem not like before bt sometime i am facing now … little better then before

Ohh i will try this browser