Store Is No Longer Functional…


Looking to increase my app size and a couple more add-ons. But your store says “Store Is No Longer Functional…” and it’s been awhile. Is there a limit to the app size or any other limitations? I am moving from Kodular and do not want to start building my apps to realize later on that there are limitations. I don’t like surprises :slight_smile:


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The Current Set Limitations are 20MB Max Size for Assets and 100MB Max Size for APK/AAB.
The Free Limits are 1MB per Asset (you can upload as many assets as you want) and 10MB App Size.

The Free Limits can be expanded by purchasing a plan suitable for you.


Can I use monetization with my current free plan?

Only Until the New Update is Released.

The question is when will the new update be released? No updates have been released since few months ago. There is no future for Niotron.