Start App Ads Not Showing

Why start app ads not showing n app please send me blocks

@niotron @NiotronStaff please help ehy this happen

Show what you have tried so far

This is correct? @niotron

Plesae use the error events and post what is the error coming

No error coming in app

Use this and report back to us. “Not working” is not giving us enough information about it.

How I use error events in app I don’t know


startapp ads error

use this event and show the error on notifier or on label then post it with the error

Ok thanks I will check

No error in app please give me blocks or aia file

:neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face::neutral_face: English nehi samjhte kya bhai?

Bhai error nhi arha hai aap mai jasa bola yosa kara error to show nhi kiya bro

Koi video hai to dedo link

Then check ur sdk and id

Ok bro I will change App id