Social Media Website to Android App

I Have 1 Social Media Website. I Store all Data to Mysql Database and Assets to DigitalOcean.
Is it possible to create android app in Niotron Using these data?

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Possible, But depend on your knowledge.

It Means Not Possible For me. :joy: :joy: :joy:
By the Way will you please provide me some Information or guide? I’ll try meself, may be it works.

@Pradyumansinh_Jadeja it’s possible if you not upload any image or video from app. But if your requirements to upload photo or video from phone it’s not possible

When you try to upload data from phone to DigitalOcean you have to use api without api it’s not possible and when you explore api documentation they only support form data and till now not possible to send form data.

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Everything is possible on niotron

You can’t.
I am challenge you . Provide Salutation using Block (You can’t did this)