Problem in implementing interstitial ads

After clicking button it takes time to open ad… And sometimes it doesnot show ad and sometive after clicking button and clicking back immediately loads ad…

How could i land on 2nd screen after ad play

give me aia file i will fix it

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Make it = True

This is not proper setup change your method

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Reward_convertor.aia (911.1 KB)

Kndly go through this…:heart::pray:

It says not equals to… How coud it be true… :pray: By the way i am not a pro… I recently started working on niotron. So i don’t have much knowledge about it :sweat_smile:

Please wait i am working on it

Set here your admob app ID

Please set your admob app to build apk else app will crash

Reward_convertor (1).aia (911.1 KB)


Thankyou it is working how it used to be… But what are these global variables. :blush: I am looking forward to know more

What is variables watch videos in youtube to know more

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