Please solve daily sign IN Proublem on Niotron Builder

I Signing in to Niotron builder twice a day why cant it can remember
our previous login
please make it remember at least 30 days

Or is this Only hapenning on FireFox Browser?
It really consumes time also make my head ache.

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Yes this happened with me on every browser I also have to sign in every time and every day

is there any solution be coming ,
I request niotron to do do something about it .

Same with me too :pensive::pensive:

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Same is happening with me :pensive:

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Wait I am posting your topic to the staff

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Working perfectly for me

Means Staff member having high priority :expressionless: and we have to sign up again and again :expressionless:


Not working for us, we have to sign in 3 times a day.

Ohh I misunderstood. You are saying to increase the session time. Yes we will increase


pls make it at least 30 days,

Yes @Souvik make for 30 days