Please Make Niotron is free

Please Make Niotron is Free Because Niotron Have Low Community support low users. Make Monitization is Free Please

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Nothing can be free.

We would like to have quality users than quantity.

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That maybe a typo which happens from everyone so please don’t make joke of him by posting such replies.

How can you hope for free service, its not a government company. Some one is trying to provide good service, and you want it free. Its not possible.

Every one is working for money even you.

Niotron is a company which have many staff members also. who need salary.

Altho thy are asking a little fee. Better then other platform.

And thy are trying to make it more better.

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K Thanks I Understand :slightly_smiling_face:

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Niotron can try to make something like free till 1000 downloads, or kind of.

You can think whatever you want.

Albert Einstein once said

There is no genius without a touch of madness.

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He marked your mistake and you told him mad :zipper_mouth_face:

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Bro Just for Fun don’t take serious I will delete that post​:wink:

Hi Niotron Team What’s the next update this info useful for your users.

They never reveal or give sneak peek…

This is a Private Company “Hosting is Not Free” how pay Niotron Private Hosting ok Your App Monitization to You earning But Only 3 Doller Not pay why Investment only 3 Doller Earn monthly 100 Doller ok

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