Password Utils - An Extension To Work With Passwords

Hello Guy,
Here is my another extension which is Password Utils Extension




Download -

Click here to visit website and Download AIX
Downlaod AIX [ Direct Download ]


Nice work dude :clap: :heart::fire:

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Thank You @hemantadahal

It woud be great, if you can provide the downlaoding link of your AIX in your post, instead of redirecting to 3rd paty webiste.

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i have provided google drive link because after some time the attatchment links breaks on discourse

he is talking about your blog not google drive link.

I knew that. He changed it

It’s a great extension. If possible please add a password score in strength where it would give a score the the password strength based on various factors.

It would help the users a lot.


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Thank you very much :hugs:

It’s a great idea. Actually it decides strength using score :sweat_smile: therefore it is easy to implement it. Thanks

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