[Paid] Maven Resolver - A powerful tool to resolve required dependencies with ease

:mag: Maven Resolver : Dependency Downloader

An advance tool to download required dependencies from Maven & others repository system.


:feather: Features

  • Download required dependencies only.
  • Multiple implementations supported.
  • Extract JARs from AARs.
  • Parse AndroidManifest.xml and provides MergedManifest.xml from all AARs.
  • Parse proguard.txt and provides merged-rules.pro from AARs.
  • Parse R.txt and provides R.java from AARs.
  • Provides merged.jar.
  • MIT App Inventor provided classes conflict resolving.
  • Jar optimizer to reduce the jar size.
  • Support custom & multiple repos.
  • Support custom path to store resolved dependencies.
  • Provides an option to skip Kotlin Standard libraries.
  • Provides an option to skip provided dependencies of MIT App Inventor 2.
  • Provides an option to skip optional libraries.
  • Colorized logs on terminal.
  • Default repos are Central, Google, JCenter, JitPack, Atlassian, KtorEAP.

:trophy: Benefits

Maven Resolver is an invaluable tool for developers looking to enhance their build processes, manage dependencies more effectively, and maintain a cleaner, more efficient codebase. Its rich feature set and user-friendly options make it an essential addition to any development toolkit.

:raising_hand_man: How it works

Just need to set the directory path of exe to the System Environment path. Then you can call it from anywhere using terminal. Just you need to write MavenResolver on terminal to run the program.

NOTE: Downloading time depends on internet connection speed.

:thinking: How it looks?

:spiral_notepad: Specifications

:floppy_disk: Size: 292 KB
:gear: Version: 1.0.0
:earth_americas: Released On: 2024-06-17T18:00:00Z
:earth_americas: Updated On: 2024-06-24T18:00:00Z
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Nice work, but where’s the exe?

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It’s paid tool. I’ve also mentioned it on title.

Ah, sorry I overlooked it,
Anyways good job :+1:


Thanks. Could you provide me edit access on my topic? Need to edit the topic but I’ve lost the edit access.


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