Online radio streaming app

Niotron is not perfect for online radio streaming app. I used player component to stream radio station but app hang too much when I use player component

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Hangs ?? I think the player lags due to low internet speed

My internet was faster upto 1mbps… still I am facing the same problem

Use any exoplayer-audio extension. We will add it as a component in future

We have discussed this topic extensively and intensively (also among the power users and the MIT team) in all forums (AI2, …). The only solution I have found is to use a Foreground service so that Doze mode does not throttle / switch off the WiFi (internet connection). Then it is also possible to use the Player component (for a streaming / radio app).

No, you need a → Foreground service to prevent → Doze → shut down network / WiFi etc. → the sound / stream stops).

See also e.g. here:

and here.

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The topic you have linked is private or deleted.

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Oh, yes it was from the Power User forum:

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I had tried this with the Foreground mode in Redmi (9.1) and Samsung (11), there is no way to prevent doze mode (or trying to keep the service alive) on Samsung (WakeLock, removing the battery optimization, background restrictions) doesn’t work, it stops roughly after 5 mins, my Redmi device with auto-start permission goes well.

Did you test my APK?

So it doesn’t seem to work on a Samsung device with Android 11. That’s sad.
Unfortunately I don’t have a Samsung device with Android 11 (to check this), but several devices with Android 5.x, 8 and 9. It works fine there.

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Yep, this works on Redmi, will test this on Samsung later.

Also please add backgroud play feature so that audio doesn’t stop after few minutes

As I said, you need a Foreground service for that.

I ran this In my Samsung M30s Android 11

It worked more than 20 - 25 min still it is working

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Yes exactly, I also tested it intensively on all of my 16 test devices (Android 4.x, 5.x, 7, 8.x, 9, 10, 11) and it works on all of them.


How to add forground service

I bet you won’t be able to run foreground for too long with the app being closed.

I never said that either. When the app is closed, the sound stops immediately. It was always about the sound continuing to play when the device is in idle (sleep) mode or the screen is not visible.

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Hi guyz, can you provide me exoplayer (audio) extension to stream online radio stations, which is available in other app builder . Because niotron audio player component is very lagy & slow to stream online radio

what about searching for the extension you are looking for yourself in the extensions directory?


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