No Duplicate Screen?

So, comparing to another Blocky programming, i think the significant issue to this, is duplicate screen is not available.

so, we need to re-create main template individually one by one, component by component.

hope this feature will be available ASAP

Hi @javanesse,

Definetly we haven’t provided any button on our builder to copy screens. But we do have this feature… You just have to

  • Click on the blank area of the screen, which you want to copy.
  • Now press ctrl+c on your keyboard.
  • Create an another screen by using Add Screen Option
  • Once the screen created { Say Screen2 }, Press ctrl+v on your keyboard… All DONE :white_check_mark:

Simple :blush:
We’ll try to include Copy Screen Button in future update of :niotron:

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oh ok

little bit tricky isn’t?

why didn’t just provide that button instead?

As this is a new app inventor, it takes time to add feature.