Niotron Blocks Not Save

Dear Niotron Team

Niotron Blocks Not Save Please Fix This Problem Next Update

Which browser are you using?

Google Chrome

Try to use FIrefox or Microsoft edge
these two browsers are highly recommended for this
or you can also try using Incognito tab
but yes NIotron Builder works fine with me in Chrome also
try deleting cache of you browser

Thank You


Ok I am try

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  1. Export the project (aia) before adding the new blocks.
  2. Download the newly added blocks as png.
  3. Then export this project.
  4. Reload the browser and check the blocks.
  5. If the blocks are missing again, export this project as well.
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Google Chrome deleting cache problem solved

Then please mark as solution so that other users can get to know about it

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Kar diya Bhai

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As this was not te bug therefore I have changed the category to discuss

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