New Timer Extension

Assalamualikum everyone,

I made my first extension. It is an timer extension and it is 100% unbreakable.
In this extension currently 1 block is missing but it still working.

Thanks to @Faraz_Firoz and @Salman_Dev

The block is available in my extension is


Tutorial link (Aia link in the video)

Download AiX
Timmer.aix (7.3 KB)


Nice extension but you need to add your blocks image here

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Good Job Dude :heart_eyes: :kissing_heart:


Nice work and congrats for the first extension but u also have to post some blocks screenshot and the output


Please post blocks images here and the AIX file here instead of some external link filled with ads.
The post is unlisted till then.

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I have added block image

dear, @Krish I have added block image and Aix file in the post

I have added blocks and output in the post

Again Nice extension

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Thank you very much :hugs:

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The blocks and description are far from clear.
So post a

  • test aia and
  • precise description / documentation.
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available in the tutorial link:

Timer.aia (11.8 KB)

In AI2 and other distros there are, for good reasons, some rules that have to be observed for (new) extensions. This also includes a precise description. There is nothing wrong with an additional video tutorial. But this does not replace any documentation on the extension.

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I have to repair the documentation.After that I will add

also please follow the naming conventions…

and you might want to fix your spelling mistake… it is called Timer and not Timmer…



I built the APK from your test aia and tested it on a Android 11 device.
Doesn’t work.

In addition, the extension only works with an Internet connection. Sorry, but I don’t think this extension is useful / helpful.

To make timer unbreakable with this extension you must need internet connection but if you want to use that is offline then use system time
In the place of current time