Need help to show Interstitial Ad

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I Load Ad While Screen Initialize and Then Show on Particular Event
My Question is: If I Want to show ad again then I have to load it again or only use SHOW.AD block?
In Short, Is ad requires to load each time before show?

Then you need to ads load again…

Yes…but Banner ads refreshing 30 sec…

But one think in my mind…
I’m set load ads in Screen Initialize, ex: loaded ads are showing after Action like: Download Completed (loaded ads showed = 0) now my loaded Interstitial Ad are already showed, Now user download Again any file then ads not showing becz already ads are showed (loaded ads= 0)…

My question : Can i load ads again in after Download completed?

Can I Use Clock.Timer = 3 Min. for Show Interstitial?

@Nibedita_Roy, @Pradyumansinh_Jadeja Nope Just load one time.

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Can We Show App Open Ads While Screen Initialize or Show After Some time?

Yes you can.

But I’m seeing many apps are reload their ads, otherwise how to do that?
repeatedly showing ads to do every action?

Ads SDK automatically reload ads after showing.

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