Need Help Regarding Audio Player

I am in process of shifting my apps from Kdlar to Niotron . I can see almost all the feature available in Niotron Builder except Exo Audio Player. I tried to use native audio player but it’s slower than Exo. Kindly suggest any other player extension for streaming or make Exo Audio Player available in the builder.

The ExoPlayer on Kodular cannot play audio streams continuously (at least not on devices with Android 6+ → Doze mode) without using a Foreground service. This problem has been discussed intensively and extensively in the Kodular community and all other AI2 forums in recent years (since it affects all other players / player extensions as well).

Well I am using URS media extension which uses foreground service (suggested by you only on Kodular community) alongwith Exo.
I have played the media for atleast 15 minutes and I didn’t experience any problem.

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I enjoy using Niotron Player or Taifun Player… Both are good


Where is your data located?

In what respect should this be relevant?

To check whether data location matters in playing in Taifun or Niotron player smoothly.

dont process its the beginning of problems im also working on same project which stream music from url the same block and method is working smoothly in kodular and android builder but in niotron i just fed up in just 1 day
1 st lack of block (no problem)
2nd many many bugs i buy monetization but my main function is not working… and unable to stream audio from url

yes i working fine in other builder but for monetization i tried niotron and i think i waste my time and money also

Well I am able to stream the audio … it’s just loading time, changing tracks is slow

can i check your app or how you set the block for source

Why should that have any impact?

Because many a times, some CDNs are not compatible or not as fast as others as a source to these components

For example? Post a test aia.