Need a small help :) - set ringtone

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I’m not sure it this is allowed in here, but there’s this extension from DeepHost for that.
“Set Ringtone Extension”

Note: I’ve never used the extension, I just saw it in his app.

I have this extension but not work …!

What if you provided the ringtones for download and saved them in Android’s Ringtone folder? This way users can set ringtone in device sound/audio settings.

Its last update was in June/2019. Maybe it has to be recasted in order to work.

Do not ask others (directly or indirectly) to send you a paid extension. Of course that’s not allowed. You encourage others to commit copyright infringement, which is punishable by law.


Ok, I got it but Sir How can I make ringtone app in Niotron…? Please help me… It’s really sad that I don’t found any ringtone component in Niotron Builder

Think about the following:
Maybe there’s a reason why an excellent extension developer and AI2 veteran like @Taifun, who (more than anyone else) has helped users (mostly for free), bothers to create (also some) paid extensions.

Couldn’t there be a good reason for this?

Taifun is a good extension but there are a limitation in free version. My question is why Niotron don’t have ringtone component…?

The simple answer is: Niotron just doesn’t have it, nor do any other AI2 distros.

Sometimes you have to pay something for certain services.
Is that really that hard to understand?

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@Anke = Ma’am

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Why would it be a ringtone component? This is a personal app type: Ringtones. Please, take a look through the wide opinion!

If it will work for your needs, you should use the plugins. Good luck…