Load data every after 8 itms loaded

Hello i need your help I want that after fetching 8 itms data from Airtable then it show in app then if user scroll down then again it fetch next 8 itms data from Airtable and show those values in app with previous data. How i can do like this ??

For example
8 itms we fetch and then it shows in app list
And if user scrolls screen then it fetch next 8

Then all 16 value it shows in app without loosing previous 8 itms

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Why don’t you load all the data in one go and show 8 items for the first time and keep adding 8 items after reaching the bottom

There Are Too Many Videos Available On Youtube. Just Search On Other Platforms Before Posting Any Query.

custom listview with add more list after scroll option without any paid extension in kodular hindi - YouTube

I saw this video before posting but I don’t think it will load next 8 ,next ,8 itms , see his blocks…
First that will load 8 itms then in next time that blocks wil load 16, then 24 I don’t think its good method … his block codes have no difference between to load data once or load data every 8 itms

I want first load 8 data from 1 to 8 then in next time load data from 8 to 16 not from 1 to 16

I have many many entries in airtable if i will load in once then i will get error or app will hang …bcz i have to load 2 column and in airtable cell having paragraph type value not one or 2 lines text …more then 20 to 30 lines i added in every cell so if i will load in once i will get error

i thinks this website helps you https://codepen.io/airtable/full/rLKkYB in your need from this you can call data in custom fields
if you want how to use this webite cheak Techy Rakshak youtub channel thare some videos about Dayanmic Shayari
my english is low
hope you manage with that :wink:

@Abhishek_Rawat Try that one for more loading speed of Airtable. If you can’t then DM me your aia file.