List View Componets IS not work

this IS list View Esseu … after update its not work .and not load Air table data .

Are you using any font type in list view?

I’m also facing some issues with LIST VIEW.

Following issues:

  1. No method name “FontSizeDetail”
  2. If we enable search filter in List Veiw. The background color and text color of filter is totally black. We cant use it. (In companion test no color issue. But after compile we get black color filter bar)

Post the aia (or a test aia).

Update your Companion to the Latest version. Your error will be solved.

KhizarOmerVideos (1).aia (207.0 KB)

Test this
KhizarOmerVideos (1).aia (206.9 KB)

If font changed then niotron throws the above said error by op

Did you update to the latest Companion version?

See also post #5.

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