Keystore Error In Google Play Console

My One App Is Build In ( And I Was Published My App in Google Now ( Build Project Is Disable And I’m Not Able To Update My App.Can You Help Me ? Also Now Create One App In New Builder And Publish In Google,So Now I Can’t Change My Keystore.

My App Is Ready For Export But Project Export Is Disable, Please Enable Project Export In For Only Five Minutes,I Hope You Understand My Problem,Thank You.

Project Export is enabled in

Hello Sir, I’m Happy If You Enable Project Export Because I Face To Much Big Problem,But I’m Really Sorry To Say That Project Export Is Still Disable In My Account.

Do you know the meaning of export said by @niotron


You need to export aia from old niotron and also the keystore to new niotron

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Export the keystore from and import it to


I Understand But I Already One app Create in New Builder And Published In Google If I Changed Keystore Also Show Error In Current App.Please Sir Enable Project Export For Only Few Minutes.

  • Backup both keystores
  • import the required keystore for the corresponding app
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Thank You So Much Now My Problem Is Solved Successfully.

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