Imagefilter Extension not working. bug?

to blur image i used extension com.NMD.ImageEditor but i’m getting runtime error

same block and extension working fine in other builder. is this a bug? help me to fix it.

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Hey! Can you please show the blocks


In Image1 .Picture you can’t enter the image link. You need to upload the image in the builder and set the uploaded image file’s name. Please try what I suggested and tell the result :slightly_smiling_face:

ImageEditor is a offline editor so you cant put url so upload the image to asset first

I also said that only :grin:


not working. same as before when click blur button. image disappears.

this is aia file. can you fix it. ImageFilter.aia (98.5 KB)

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i dont know why this happening. same method will works on kodulr

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try this - ImageFilter.aia (98.5 KB)

Dude try this one
ImageFilter_New.aia (98.4 KB)

Are you using Ko#ular? As it says that it was saved with a new version of Niotron. Even I checked your aia file. The whole blocks are wrong :pensive:

@san_ron Please try my aia file. It will surely work!

Here are the correct blocks!

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@Shameek_Biswas @Aarush_Kumar . Thanx for helping me. i tried ur aia file on my phone unfortunately it wont work for me. after that i tried on nox emulator it works fine including my aia file also.

screenshot of mobile

screenshot of emulator

what is the problem? android version?

try apk maybe error with companion

i tried with apk in both. please check it on ur mobile and reply to me.

Are you testing the aia given by me?

yes. i tried mine too. its working in emulator but not in mobile.

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The problem is with the library your emulator android version is blw 10 I think that’s why its working fine in ur emulator but not in ur smartphone…try with any low end devices…or message the extension Developer to update their extension with latest version which support androidX.

yes contact him here -

Have you allowed read permission? Sometimes this can be the error too.

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