I want secured database connection I will pay

I want secured database connection and login system I will pay $10 but first I want test apk then I’ll pay

Better database connection is … MYSQL database connection,

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Which type security you want.

Should I use baserow? Thats secure?:roll_eyes:

MySQL database or mango database are best .

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Do you already have an app working and want to improve the security of it? Or are you asking for what would be the better database to use?

Anyway, to login I think there is no better choice than Firebase. Other than that, you would have to talk more about your project to get advice. The same goes for free or paid tips / help

I can protect your app and your connection 99.9% if you are interested contact me or reply here

im interested

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@Fernando_Dias Avoid posting your personal links in open discussion topics and instead use the PM system to exchange private information.