HTML file didn't open in other phones

I made an offline app there are lots of htmls. App run fine in my mobile, all html file open.

But when I try to other mobile phones app runs but no htmls files open. It’s automatically close the application and give the following message…

I use localhost method to open all htmls files in webview component.


What is the way you’re getting the files from assets

And you can try this

I try this method…


Ok I’m going to try “taifun tools” component.

This should work.
Show your blocks (and post the aia or a test aia).

I’m also thinking the same, and you have more knowledge than me in this storage section. Then you might can help him better than me

And @Devendra_Singh ,
Check this maybe this can help you


Oh yeah, I forgot about that :upside_down_face:
thanks for the reminder!

@Devendra_Singh try 2 ways

    • Try loading html file by localhost
    • Try loading file through path

And tell us your observations

Localhost doesn’t work in Android 9…
But taifun tools extension worked…

Btw what is path of html to access them?

This might be the solution

Take a deep look at my blocks:

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Thanks a lots

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