How to use view flipper With Airtable

Can Some one help me How To Set flipper View with airtable?

What you tried?

in kodular we connect flipper view with airtable. we set images link in airtable and see in flipper view. how to set this in niotron.

This is kodular platform.
how to set this in niotron?

@MD_SB Do like this.



:arrow_down: Flipper.aia (34.5 KB)

i have make this . but my question is how to set this images with airtable . ? we set images link in airtable and image’s show in flipper. that is posibal in Kodular platform easily. but in niotron i don’t understand.

Did you tried it?

You need to set the image link and add the component

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@MD_SB Use these blocks to use flipper with Airtable.


Flipper.aia (68.8 KB)

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Zbrdst. Thank you @iaditya_nanda

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