How to show an interstitial Ad Like a Pro, Maintain good Ecpm

Hello Coders,
i came up with new and very simple guide on how to show an interstitial ad like a pro. Some People Gets Low ecpm because of improper implementation of Ads. In order to get High Quality Ads you must use proper way and Modern way to show ads in your App which will never destruct your Users and will prevent your Account from getting Low Quality Ads.

Most people got Ad limit in Admob due to improper way of showing interstitial ads which cause accidental clicks.

Lets go!
We are going to see the uses of following blocks:


Modulo of Is a main block in our action. And this block will check the possibility between two numbers.

First of All we will create variable which will count number of clicks in a certain button or click action.


Then we will add the Action in our button where we want to show interstitial Ad when user click on it.

Then we will create A Procedure event which will handle all action to show interstitial Ad.

Finally we set procedure block in our button.

So All Blocks for Showing interstitial Ad will Look Like this here below.

Full Explanation. As You See on Above Image. Inside Modulo Block If The number of button clicks will be 2 the Modulo block will divide the number with 2 and if answer will be 0 then interstitial Ad will be shown. So that means that when use Click button 2 times then interstitial Ad will be Shown otherwise interstitial Ad will be Loaded. And if You want to Show interstitial Ad After 3 clicks of button. Then you will change from 2 to 3 and more as your requirement.

Through This Guide You will be able to show interstitial Ad After certain number of clicks without causing Invalid Action/clicks which can give you Ad Limit due to bad Ad Serving.


this your post is very good and my heart is happy but the problem is that after showing the ad how will the next screen open there is no option to close the ad or dismiss

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Due to Google Changes on Latest admob sdk Close event is no longer Available but no problem :blush:
For Now we will use

When Admob Interstitial Ad Displayed Block

to handle everything. So if Interstitial Ad is Loaded then Ad will not be Shown and another Screen2 Will be Opened then when user close Screen 2 and back to Screen 1, he will see Interstitial Ad is Shown on Screen 1, then user will have good time to read Interstitial Ad and click it or close ad without any interruption. So this action will prevent invalid clicks and Ad delay.

I created my App with Niotron Last week and now i’m getting ecpm of $2 to $7. few impressions but massive Revenue. Main way to enhance good earning is to impliment ads correctly.


Nice guide bro :heart:
Keep posting :wink::wink:


Your Guide is really awesome and Very Much helpful

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I also use this message Thanks

Thanks for this trick


Very useful guide :+1: keep your good work

#off topic
I had a doubt that in my admob it’s showing app under review since 1 month any solution to that ?

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Can I know what Do want to say :sweat_smile:

I mean. Thanks for your Alternative way for showing ad :wink:

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You are always welcome :wink: @connor

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Did you mean the account is on Review or App? Is your app available on playstore?

Thanks so much @iAditya-Nanda :blush:

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My app under review

Not on playstore but on samsung galaxy store

Please try to upload app on playstore. Google allows apps from galaxy store to get admob ads but priority is for apps available on playstore.

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Please provide full details with blocks
When button click go-to next screen2 and when screen 2 close How to show ads

Hi bro,

I recently join this community so I barely have knowledge about this blocks, I followed your steps but I’m unable figure out where I can find these red marked blocks as shown is image.

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I’ve doubt if this is a real pro method! :roll_eyes: These blocks does nothing but only loads ads on every Two clicks (Click 1 = No ad ; Click 2 = Shows Ad and this cycle repeats)! That can’t really help you sort out the invalid click issue any way! Moreover, eCPM and Ad Quality is calculated based on Demographics of user and Ad placements.

You can follow the articles below to get some help in this matter :

  • Increase eCPM :
  • Prevent Invalid Activity :

Just to remind, devs are not allowed to stock Ads. :slightly_smiling_face: It’s a violation of AdMob policy and eventually will lead your account to a ban!

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