How to open app (to install) from internal storage?

I want include in app update from website so i use Niotron downloader, but how i can install that app. becouse i am not getting the location, i make it download in download folder. Its not working.

Here is an extension by @Anke To download app and Install it without permission But for the download you need to ask write permission use this
And also don’t forget to mark solution if this is your solution

Why? To download a file (APK) to one of the Shared folder, no storage permission (READ / WRITE) should be needed (on Android 11+).

However, if this is the case (on Android 11+) then this would be a bug. Then use my extension and load the APK into the ASD and copy / move it from there to the /Download folder (using the File component or TaifunFile extension, from @Taifun).
Or install the APK directly from the ASD.